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The SuperHuman Strength Affiliate Program produces real income that you can control.

You choose how much you want to work or promote to generate sales and then sit back and enjoy your affiliate commissions

The Supplement Industry


Supplement sales are continuing to grow, however, supplement quality is not increasing. More foreign products are starting to hit the market and supplement brands are continuing to decrease quality ingredients for higher margins.

Supplement Industry

Approx - $135 Billion

Annual Growth


Supplement Industry at a Glance

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We are the company that decided that quality, effectiveness and honesty (meaning no B.S. claims about our products) would be our core goals and values. Sure we all want to make money, but let's do it differently. 

  • Let's create the absolute best formulated product possible with the best ingredients. 
  • Let's do it by giving people real results and not broken promises. 
  • Let's do it by having a product line that. everyone can use, and we mean everyone!
  • Let's formulate naturally by using science to do it properly.

Who Is SuperHuman Strength?

The Affiliate Program

It's simple. There are 2 parts to the program and those parts have numerous ways that you can generate sales. 

Retail:         20% Commission

Wholesale: 15% Commission


  • We provide you with a discount code, you provide the code to people to buy product. They get 10% off of great product, you get 20% commission. A true Win/Win
  • If you have a website, you can place our banners on the site and every time someone clicks and purchases product, you get a 20% commission off the sale. 


  • Gyms, Teams, Spas, Wellness Centers and Clinics: You are allowed to sell to any of these that are not already part of the program. You make the sale, connect them with SuperHuman, we will give them a wholesale discount, and you get 15% off the product they purchase. Please note that wholesale accounts don't use discount codes above their wholesale discount and wholesale accounts pay for shipping costs. 
  • Retail Stores:
    •  US: Our US market is completely available and open and you are allowed to sell to these stores, and SuperHuman will handle all of the logistics and contracts and you will get 15% off of the product they purchase.  
    • Canada: This market is under an exclusive distributor contract, so you would not be allowed to sell to retail stores.

Discount Code Commissions

Website Banner Example

How you Get Involved

Once you make a sale, getting paid is easy.  Our automated affiliate system attributes all of your sales to your affiliate account. It does this in 2 ways: 

  • Through your special discount code
  • By providing us the email address of the contact that will be ordering. The system will then connect all future orders with this email to your account. 

Once the system has tracked a payment to your account, we set your account up for payment and pay you via Paypal directly into your account. It's that easy!

Tracking Your Commissions